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In 2003, I bought a flat of 90m2 on the ground, it was completely done again by nine by archi.Si one divides this surface in 4, in the top left there is the kitchen and a sde, in bottom right a bathroom and a toilet. The evacuation of water from the kitchen and sde is done through a pipe buried in the floor that joins the general evacuation to the toilet. Given the weakness of the slope, it happens that the pipe is blocked, the water then back through the shower tray. I mitigated this phenomenon by putting filters in the sink to block waste, periodically putting destop, and every year I call a specialist to clean the pipes under high pressure. Do you know of a miracle system to install on the kitchen side and to vent the pipe continuously or intermittently? The filters in the sink reduce clogging but do not remove it, there is always residue that pass into the sink or the shower tray.

I do not think it's the waste that clogs your pipe, or rather if it clogs it is because its diameter is insufficient (more than the slope). Your "archi" was a poor plumber! It seems to me that the simplest would be to remake an independent evacuation (unfortunately apparent) for the sink with the PVC pipes (you will dub if you want to hide them) directly joining the big pipe... this time with a slope of 2cm / m. I am always very reserved when to the encapsulation of the pipes. It is beautiful but it is the source of many troubles. The original pipe would only serve the bathroom and should suffice.

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