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Automatically illuminate the outside with a projector

Automatic ignition and automatic lighting is a real security element in the vicinity of a house: it allows you to move at night without risk of falling, but it is also a deterrent to intruders, discouraged to make their package in bright light. The installation of such a device is easily done without complicated tools or special skills in electricity.

A motion detector projector consists of a housing and a protective glass, a halogen stick bulb socket and an infrared detector acting on an integrated switch. Sealing is ensured by a lip seal between the glass and the body of the luminaire, and a gland at the multiconductor power cable. It is simply connected to the terminals of a junction box, itself powered by a "lighting" circuit. The luminaire connection box also includes a sealing lip seal. It should be noted that since the projector is protected by double insulation, it must not be connected to the ground.

Automatically illuminate the outside with a projector

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