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The general lighting of a bathroom must be able to turn into dim lighting during the bath. The ideal is to install 60W halogen spotlights or recessed LEDs in the false ceiling and to control them from a dimmer.

Choosing the right lighting for the bathroom

Light a mirror

Two light sources

To see clearly in the mirror, the ideal is to benefit from two light sources arranged at eye level, on both sides of the mirror (as an artist's lodge). You will avoid unsightly shadows. To enhance the natural color of the skin, choose lamps with a CRI> 90, or fluorescent tubes with a color temperature <3000K. To avoid glare and glare, fixtures should illuminate the subject and not the mirror.

Mirror: illuminate in symmetry

Lighting coming from part-and-other

Lighting the bathroom: bathroom

• Two identical luminaires equipped with lamps of the same power arranged on either side of the mirror make it possible to erase the shadows.

Lighting coming from above

Lighting the bathroom: light

• If the light comes from above, it marks the face by pulling the lines down.

Lighting coming from only one side

Lighting the bathroom: mirror

• If the light comes only from one side, it leaves the other half of the face in the shade.

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