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Long relegated to the background, the balcony has become increasingly important and is now considered as an additional part of the house. To enjoy it at any time of the day, it is advisable to opt for suitable lighting. Find out what are the solutions to light your balcony.

Lighting your balcony: the solutions

Lighting your balcony: the solutions

Why light his balcony?

Lighting a balcony allows above all to value it but not only. It also allows you to enjoy it even after dark. What's more enjoyable than reading a book, drinking herbal tea on your balcony before going to sleep or sharing a drink with friends and remake the world on your balcony?

Lighting your balcony: the parameters to take into account

To light your balcony, you must take into account certain criteria such as the electrical system you have but also the size and configuration of your balcony. Of all these criteria depend the type of lighting you will choose, the power and size of the luminaires. The intensity of the lighting must also adapt to the effect you are looking for, the atmosphere you want to create.

Lighting your balcony: the different solutions

  • Wall sconcesThey are ideal because they do not occupy floor space. For a balcony, a single wall will suffice because beyond, the lighting may be too important. The wall lamp is only possible if you have an electrical outlet at the wall.
  • Recessed spotlights: Like wall sconces, recessed spots do not occupy floor space. They are discreet and very elegant and bring a soft and pleasant light.
  • The light garlands: very easy to put in place, it gives a touch bohemian or festive to your balcony. They exist with connection or solar operation.
  • The candles: it's a classic must-have and economical! But to create a warm atmosphere, you have to multiply them and place them everywhere. To do only if you have enough space on your balcony.
  • Solar lightsThey are ideal when you do not have outlets or electrical connections nearby or if you want to opt for ecological lighting. Only drawback: their lighting depends on the hours of sunshine of the day.
  • The bright furniture: ultra-design, the bright furniture allows to illuminate your balcony while having a utility. Ideal for creating a lounge and Zen atmosphere and to save space.
  • Suspension: ultra-trendy, it allows to arrange your balcony as if it were an interior room. Provided of course to have a roof or a step over your balcony and have an electrical connection.

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