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Outdoor lights and lamps light up at dusk. Every evening, the garden and terraces offer a nice light show, ideal for relaxing and having a good time. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the functional side can not be neglected. Here's all you need to know about garden lighting...

Garden lights

Garden lights

Aesthetic and practical, opt for outdoor lighting

The garden lights are installed of course for the practical aspect: illuminate the garden and the terrace so as not to be in the dark at nightfall. But put in place outdoor lighting can also be done in an aesthetic and fun design. Thanks to good lighting, the garden becomes a place where you can relax, dine, have fun and have fun with family or friends, whether on the lawn, around the pool or under the sun. the veranda.

How to choose lighting?

The choice of garden lighting must take into account several parameters, both technical and aesthetic. First, we must take into account the areas of the garden that really need to be illuminated according to use (dining table, reading corner, game table, bar / cocktail...). The installation of the luminaries then completes the layout of the garden which becomes a truly convivial place. And precisely to choose the lighting of this place, we must define its use and ask the right questions: When is the lighting used? What activities are planned in the outdoor areas? Are there particular elements to highlight?

The different types of outdoor lighting

In this field the choice is vast. We first find the halogen spotlight which diffuses a bright light. This type of lighting is more suitable for highlighting a massif, a water basin or a tree. It is also effective to keep the prowlers away, settling at the level of access to the property.

Then we find the range of street lights which also project a bright light. They ideally embellish lawns, terraces and walkways. Come next spots (usually based on LED lamps) that can be built-in or buried. Like terminals, they are generally used to bring atmosphere to a specific place (staircase, step, massif...), but also and especially to mark a path.

We must also mention fixed or adjustable wall lights that arise at the walls to illuminate areas where we gather, whether for meals or to discuss. Finally, we must also mention the punctual and aesthetic lighting that allows, in addition, to mark the spaces: lanterns, candlesticks or strings of light. And finally, the latest innovation " green spirit Are the photovoltaic tags that capture sunlight and store it in batteries.

Small flat: be careful, because lights attract insects, especially mosquitoes! So think of installing mosquito lamps or bio insect-proof candles.

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