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My advanced roof on my 2.50 m terrace with two cement posts and a wooden beam is going to unseal and the pillar of this break by the forward of my forward terrace in question a field movement How to fix this, because soon the beam will no longer be supported !!!

To limit the consequences of a movement of ground, in this case probably a problem of settlement, it is necessary to intervene at the origin of the problem, that is to say at the level of the ground itself and / or the foundations of the work that collapses.
In the absence of more details on the possible causes, it may be possible to inject cement under the sinking terrace, to stabilize the ground by the addition of stones, to implement micro-piles under the terrace or to make resin injections...
In any case, it seems essential to call on a professional, who will be the only one able to establish an accurate diagnosis and deduce the most effective intervention.

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