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Installed and used under the right conditions, the heat pump can achieve energy savings of up to 60%. Also, beyond this attractive benefit, the heat pump may have some weaknesses depending on the type of model. Focus on the limits of the heat pump.

The operating ranges of the heat pump

Operating ranges are characterized by the temperatures below and above which the heat pump can not walk.

We thus distinguish high temperature heat pumps from these at low temperature, the latter not allowing, for their majority, to heat their habitat if the outside climate exceeds -5 degrees. In this case, it is necessary to have a complementary installation that can serve as a relay.

Reversible mode

Some heat pumps are called reversible, so they can produce fresh air during the summer. However, this ability, even advantageous, does not usually provide the same effect as an air conditioner which is the primary purpose. To ensure this, the cooling performance can be estimated by reading the EER (coefficient of refrigeration efficiency).

The insulation of the device

If equipping a heat pump can significantly reduce its heating bills, it can also lead to the opposite. Indeed, if the housing is poorly insulated at the base, the heat loss, and the consumption of electricity to operate the equipment, can be very important.


Despite their interest, heat pumps are particularly imposing devices and lacking in aesthetics. Depending on the model, mono-split or multi-split, it is composed of one or more units distributed in one or more rooms of the housing. In addition, low-temperature heat pumps need to be associated with specific radiators that take up space.

The ductable models are the most discreet but require a more complex installation.

The noise

Generating between 40 and 60 decibels, heat pumps can cause an acoustic nuisance, especially for the neighborhood; As a comparative example, a washing machine produces 65 dB and a vacuum cleaner 75 dB. To avoid any conflict, the unit must be soundproofed and installed in the correct location while taking into account the winds.

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