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To put a lino way fake wood in a living room (heating by the soil) is it possible? If so, is there a nice lino? Can it be placed on the old carpet or should it be removed?

For me, soft flooring is not ideal with underfloor heating. Linoleum is considered "compatible" with a heated floor (it is usually glued, especially to avoid condensation problems). It often gives off a bad odor to the heating, which disappears in the long run.

Tiling is undoubtedly the best flooring on a floor heating, because its thermal resistance is very low. Any flexible coating increases the thermal resistance of your soil and reduces the diffusion of soil heat. Of course, you will need to remove your old carpet before installing a new coating.

Instead of linoleum, choose a tile imitating the veins of the wood. You will get a good heating performance and you will benefit from the easy maintenance of the tiles.

These reflections are also worth pure vinyl coatings.

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