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Wall linoleum: a trendy and unexpected coating: wall

Are you still looking for the wall covering that will combine a contemporary look with a comfort of maintenance? No need to search, the lino wall is the solution you need, as well for your rooms as your bathroom or even why not, your kitchen.

The walled linoleum seems unrecognized yet it has become common to see around. It has the advantage of melting gracefully in any decor. It can be a happy alternative to a mural because it is resistant to impacts and bright lights. Also known as Buflon® in the trade, the wall lino is essentially composed of PVC, which gives it flexibility and comfort of pleasant use. In summary, it is strong enough to cover many surfaces at the same time as it is easy to maintain. It remains to be seen in which room to put it. Here are our tips:

Where to put your wall lino?

We told you right now, he has all the qualities. Hygienic, insulating, antiseptic, it is the ideal coating for a bedroom. And if you still have a "cheap" image of the lino in mind, this is an opportunity to change your mind by looking at the last generation of lino, as trendy as it is practical. And whether you are more stripes, checkers or monochrome tones you will certainly find a lino that will match your decor. It is indeed available in many models and just as many colors.

In addition, if you would like to put lino wall in your bathroom we recommend to put on all walls. This will prevent water infiltration. On the other hand we advise you not to put a wall lino in your shower cabin because it is not a sufficiently waterproof coating for such use.

The benefits of wall lino

No special maintenance is necessary for such a coating. A simple sponge and mild detergent will be enough to make it shine as the first day. It is a good sound insulator, as well as a material that is strong enough to handle a variety of blows and shocks. It also has the advantage of combining with other materials for an aesthetic result. In a bathroom, for example, it will showcase tiles and glass shelves. It will make a nice contrast in mat with metallic elements. However, be careful not to put a lino wall on all the walls of a small room at the risk of making it appear very narrowed.

Tips and tricks:

The rules of laying wallpaper apply to the wall lino:

  • You will first need to make sure your surface is smooth and clean.
  • Do not hesitate to unroll the lino and affix it to the surface to be covered so that it matches the shape.
  • 24h after, remove the lino then apply your glue on the surfaces to cover.
  • Using a squeegee and a spatula gently put your lino on the surface.
  • In the case where the surface of the room is less than 15m2 you can replace the glue with double-sided tape.
  • Leave for 24 hours.

NB: The wall lino is an inexpensive coating, so count 10 to 40 € for a roll of a width of 4 m.

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