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The social loan rental-accession

On August 16, the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transportation and Housing promulgated a decree on the social rental-accession loan. This decree authorizes the owners to rent "classic" housing that was originally involved in the social loan rental-accession. HandymanDuanche thus takes advantage of this update of the law to present and detail the rental-accession social loan.

What is social-accession loan?

The social loan rental-accession

The social loan hire-accession, set up in 2004 is a loan contracted by the state. It allows households with modest incomes to become homeowners without personal support. This loan put in place by the state takes place in two phases. As a first step, the household pays their rent as well as a fee. This additional amount of money, also known as the "acquisitive share", allows tenants to set up a down payment in order to buy the occupied dwelling in the medium or long term. This money also allows him to pay occupancy and management fees. In a second step, after having collected a certain amount (for example 10% of the price of the property) if the tenant still wants to buy the house, he will not pay more rent, but will refund only by monthly payment the rest of the loan. If, however, the tenant no longer wishes to buy the property, he can then recover almost all the deposit paid. Nevertheless, 1 to 3% of the amount paid may be retained as a penalty.

How to access the social loan rental-accession?

The social rental-accession loan concerns only new housing approved by the State and eligible for this type of financing, in other words housing that is offered by the social landlords. In addition, to access this loan, there is a maximum ceiling of resources verified before the signing of the contract. This ceiling differs according to the geographical location of the dwelling. Zone A corresponds to the Paris region, the Côte d'Azur and the French Genevois, in other words the regions where housing costs the most. Zones B and C correspond to the rest of the territory where the price of real estate is lower. The division of the areas overlaps that established for the loan at zero rate.

The ceiling of resources to access the loan:

The ceiling of resources to access the social loan rental-accession

The advantages and disadvantages of the social rental-accession loan.

This credit has many advantages. In the first place, it offers modest homes the opportunity to access the property, which would not be possible in the conventional circuit with a small budget. In addition, during the term of the loan, tenants continue to receive APL (Personal Housing Assistance), which may in some cases be a significant amount. In addition, the future owner also benefits for the credit of a VAT reduced rate of 5.5% instead of 19.6%, and a property tax exemption for fifteen years. However, we regret that this credit is only for social housing, which reduces the choice of buyers and risks discouraging some.

To conclude this survey, HandymakerDuenchanche would like to point out that the social rental-accession loan is reserved for the principal housing and not for second homes.

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