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If you get lost in the jungle of special real estate loans, our little guide will help you to see more clearly.

Loans, credits and mortgages

Loans, credits and mortgages

Specific real estate loans

Here are the various mortgages that are subject to special conditions:

  • PTZ concerns the main housing. It means Zero Rate Loan, which means you only repay the capital because there is no interest. This loan is means-tested, everyone can not qualify.
  • The loan agreement allows you to benefit from the APL (Personalized Housing Assistance). It can only be granted for the financing of a principal residence, without means test. With the loan agreement, you pay especially less notary fees.
  • The social home loan (PAS) is means-tested to finance the principal residence of the borrower. It allows you to benefit from Personalized Housing Assistance, and to benefit from cheaper guarantees. The fees are capped, which guarantees you not to have too much expense when setting up your SAP.
  • The bridge loan allows you to buy a new property before selling the one you already own. The bridging loan allows you to have the necessary funds to buy your new home for a limited time, until the sale of your old home can be done. In general, the bridge loan does not represent the full price of the housing offered for sale. This saves you from disappointment if you sell at a lower price than originally estimated.
  • The Housing Savings Loan is a mortgage at preferential rate. It is obtained on the condition of holding a Housing Savings Plan (PEL) or a Housing Savings Account (CEL). This loan only works for primary residences if ELPs and CELs were opened after 1 March 2011.
  • The real estate loan without contribution may be harder to obtain or have less favorable terms than loans with personal financial The 100% loan finances the entire property, and the 110% loan also covers the costs of the loan itself (notary fees, etc.).

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