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From 1 July 2017, the lessors must provide two new diagnostics to their future tenants for gas and electricity. Why make these findings? How is it going? Explanations.

Compulsory electricity diagnosis for rentals in July 2017

Two new diagnoses are added to the list of documents necessarily given when renting a property (DPE, ERNMT and CREP): gas and electricity diagnostics.
The implementation of the decrees n° 2016-1105 and n° 2016-1104 will be done progressively: from the July 1, 2017, the lessors will have to give their future tenants these two observations.

  • For the moment, only the "dwellings in a multi-unit building whose building permit was issued before January 1, 1975".
  • All new leases will have to contain these documents from January 1, 2018.
Note: Donors are not obliged to carry out improvement work following the diagnoses.

Why do electricity and gas diagnostics?

According to the White Paper published by Diagameter and the National Observatory of Electrical Safety (ONSE), each year in France more than 3,000 people are electrified, 5,000 people are poisoned by carbon monoxide (CO) and there are more than 50,000 fires.
In 80% of faulty installations, the problem would be related to a need to ground.
In order to avoid new accidents, the public authorities have decided to extend the gas and electricity diagnostics to rented properties. Indeed, these two documents are mandatory since 2009 when selling a property of more than fifteen years.

National Observatory of Electrical Safety: key figures of electrical safety from Promotelec Association

Diagameter infographic to understand gas and electricity diagnostics

Gas and electricity diagnostics: price and validity

The new electricity and gas diagnostics have a validity period of six years for real estate rental. They are made by certified diagnosticians by the government.
It is possible to find his technician according to his municipality by clicking here.

Directory of government-certified diagnosticians

If upgrading work is required, the owner can call an electrician. The latter must submit a certificate referred to by Consuel as a diagnosis.
The prices for the diagnoses vary according to the surface of the good according to ViaDiagnostic:
  • Diagnosis electricity and gas: about 200 euros.
  • Electricity diagnosis: about 90 euros
  • Gas diagnosis: about 110 euros

Six things to check for electrical safety


Here are the six safety measures to be respected and / or verified according to the standard NF C 15-100.

  • The presence of a general control and protection device allowing easy access to the general switch.
  • The accommodation must contain at least one differential circuit breaker of sensitivity adapted to the conditions of earthing.
  • The presence of a overcurrent protection device adapted to the section of the conductors.
  • The water features must be equipped with a equipotential bonding and a suitable electrical installation.
  • The absence of mechanically unprotected conductors.
  • The absence of obsolete electrical equipment or unsuitable.

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