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Location: a concrete file!

While the time is in September, there is competition for rental. So to hope to get the apartment or the house of your dreams, you will have to demonstrate method and goodwill. To help you in your steps, this week HandymanDuanche gives you all the keys to build a record of choice and put it forward with donors.

The indispensable elements.

French legislation does not regulate or very little the contents of the files to be realized within the framework of the hiring. The elements which must appear there are at the good will of the donors and the agencies, but also the future tenants. However, to put the odds on your side, it is advisable to build a record more than complete. Thus, you must imperatively present: a photocopy of your identity document and that of your guarantor (identity card, passport), your last three payslips and or those of your guarantor, as well as a proof of address for the guarantor, for example, EDF receipt. In addition to the bare minimum, it is best to complete your file with: your last tax notice and / or that of your guarantor, your last three rent receipts and possibly the property tax notice of your guarantor if it is owner. Finally, you can also attach a bank account to your file.

What not to put.

If the law does not dictate to you what to put in your file. It specifies however on the other hand the documents which the agencies and the donors do not have the right to claim you. Thus, you are not obliged to provide them with: a photograph of identity, an extract of criminal record; a copy of your bank account statement and a certificate of good bank account and a photocopy of your health insurance certificate. In addition, it is not advisable to include cash for a reservation check, a rent deposit or a deposit. Indeed, you may not see your money again. Be careful, your file must also not contain too much information that is not well ordered which could irritate and disperse its future readers.

Put your file forward.

Location: a concrete file!: file

So that your file stands out, you must give maximum care to its presentation, starting with its cover that must be new and of good quality. In addition, to make it easier to read, you can, for example, summarize all your documents, putting those that prove your seriousness first, such as your payslips or those of your guarantor, or even your employment contract. Thus, from the beginning of the file you will produce a good impression on your reader. However, be careful not to overdo it by overloading your pages and your file, which could discourage potential donors. Finally, do not hesitate to bring your file during each visit to give it directly and especially as soon as possible if the property interests you.

Finally, during the visits do not hesitate to come accompanied by your guarantor and try to engage the conversation with the person in charge of housing to leave him a positive impression.

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