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My son bought a house with land. He has electricity in his house with a circuit breaker in the garage. But no electricity in the garden. He wants to drill a hole that should be near the EDF pole that feeds it and on which is located the box separating the aerial underground. Would it be possible to have a circuit breaker installed on this pole to distribute the current in the garden, which would avoid leaving the table in the garage and cross the entire garden. Thank you for your reply.

The provision of the current by ERDF is normally at the limit of ownership, in a circuit breaker box. Standard NF-C1500 indicates that the electrical panel (distribution board), which includes the branch circuit breaker, of a dwelling must be located inside a dwelling, in a garage or in an ancillary space. The power supply of the garden in electricity must be made from this table, in the rules of the norm. Your project is therefore not legally possible

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