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The 3-point lock is placed in the category of so-called security locks (multi-point locks) used for closing the door of a home. This lock closes a door at three locking points. This is, in general, the minimum security required by insurance companies. This is the most used lock.

The 3-point lock: its operation

The 3-point lock designates both the lock and the entire locking mechanism. This one can be boxed to stay invisible. The 3 points are the three bolts that you can see on the side of the door, usually at the top, middle and bottom. By pressing the key in the lock to close the door, the bolts lock into the anchor points. It is possible to find locks with 3 points whose bolts are located at the same level. In this case, the security is quite limited and the break-in facilitated.

In case of repair, make sure that each part of the lock has the same A2P standard as well as the same number of stars. Otherwise, not only the lock will be less powerful but in addition, your insurance may not cover you in case of break-in.

The 3-point lock in question

It exists two types of 3-point locks.

  • 3-point lock

The lock is visible and has side anchors at the top and bottom of the door.

  • 3-point built-in lock

The anchor points are the same as the applied lock. The bolts are either outgoing or tilting. This type of lock can be installed on supports such as wood, metal, aluminum or PVC.

Despite its complexity, the 3-point lock is easy to install, you can do it yourself without necessarily calling a professional. It ensures a very good protection of the house. This type of lock can be installed on doors of at least 20 years and worn parts can be changed easily.

Cost of the lock at 3 points

The price of a 3-point lock is quite high considering its technicality. Depending on its finish, quality and robustness, the manufacturer or supplier and its dimensions, count 130€ for a standard 3-point lock A2P1 (1 star) and up to € 600 for an A2P3 lock (3 stars). However, it is the least expensive lock in its class. Indeed, locks with 5 or 7 points have a much higher cost.

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