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The lock code, it does not cross that in our building hall. It is also found on the padlock of our bike, or on the safe of our hotel room. But is it provided that we control its operation? Not sure…

The different uses of a code lock

Code locks are very common in everyday life, much more than card locks. They are most often used:

  • In the entrances of buildings, it is the famous code.
  • For secure doors in banks or jewelries for example.
  • For safes.
  • For luggage locks, bike, locker.

The combination of the code is via keys, a touch screen, or a wheel.

A code lock, how does it work?

To understand the operation of this locking system, it is first necessary to distinguish the two types of code lock that exist: the mechanical code lock, and the electronic code lock.

The lock with mechanical code is the one found on a padlock. The latter has several wheels, each consisting of numbers ranging from 0 to 9.

The lock code will be set beforehand with a combination. Thereafter, only with this combination will the padlock be opened, because the alignment of the preset numbers on the wheels will activate its opening.

The electronic code lock makes it possible to activate the opening of a door remotely. It requires the installation of a housing, located either on the door or next door. Usually when the case and on the door, it is equipped with a handle.

Sure this case we find the numbers from 0 to 9, and sometimes symbols (star or sharp) and letters (A, B,...). We can tap the combination either on buttons or on a touch screen.

Once you have informed the correct combination, you are warned either by a sound signal or by the movement of the door itself.

Advantages and disadvantages of a code lock

The main highlights of a lock code?

  • Its practicality. Unlike key locks or card locks, you do not need any hardware tools to open your door.
  • Security. The electronic code lock offers an excellent level of security. This is why she is often privileged in companies, or residences.

But the big weak point of a lock code is that it relies solely on the memory of its user. If memory is not our forte, it's over, impossible to go home!

And since the suit must be changed regularly (because fingerprints or wear suggest code), it may be that once it has finally been retained, it changes!

The price of a lock code

Having an electronic code lock installed is an investment. If we find entry-level models at 70€, Models that include options like a videophone and intercom, a diode that lights when the code is right, or an alarm are often preferred.

These options that increase the security level also push up prices: 300€ about for a model with options. Not to mention the installation costs by a professional.

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