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The lock applied with its visible housing differs from the recessed lock or larder by its type of installation. It offers different types of locks such as hook and multipoint locks and various locking systems such as simple key, code or card lock. The wall lock is one of the easiest and cheapest lock types on the market. Certified by the A2P label, it offers a good level of security and is quite resistant to burglars.

Why choose an applied lock?

The lock applied is very popular because it has many advantages. Know first that she adapts to any type of door whatever the room of the house. It is also ideal for garden grills, garage doors or even sheds. Easy to install, the surface mounted lock consists of an apparent box that simply attaches to the door on the inside. So there is no need to embed it and engage in complicated work. Know finally that the lock applies withstands burglar attacks pretty well and that it is difficult to force.

Surface lock: safety standards

When buying your wall lock, consider favoring lock models that are A2P certified. This label guarantees you an optimal level of security and makes any attempted break-in difficult. An A2P1 certified lock will withstand burglars for 5 minutes, A2P2 10 minutes and A2P3 for 15 minutes. The harder it will be to enter your home and the faster the burglars will go their way. An A2P3 lock will obviously be more expensive to buy. For an applied lock, count between 10 and 600 euros.

Wall lock: to put oneself?

If you need to replace your existing lock, it is advisable to put a lock applied to not weaken the door by drilling new holes. The operation is not very complicated. Just locate the new lock, cut the edge of the door and drill pilot holes on the edge. Once this is done, temporarily fix the lock and locate the location of the handle axis. Then align the strike and the frame and fix everything. Even if installing a lock is a relatively easy task, know that if you want to ensure the safety of your lock, it is better to use a locksmith.

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