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Key locks, there are different ways to install them in a door. But when you want to favor the aesthetic dimension, no doubt, it is the keystone lock that must be thought! Finally, provided you can put the price...

A keyless lock, how does it work?

A keyless lock works like a conventional wall lock, except that the linkage is not visible: it is hidden in a vertical beam, called a hood.

This rigid cover has two purposes: on the one hand to strengthen the strength of the lock, and on the other hand to improve the visual appearance of the door. As the linkage is hidden, the door is necessarily more aesthetic than with a lock applied where the entire locking system is apparent.

Especially since unlike before, where we found hoods of keeled locks in white or brown, we find today all the colors, to bring a perfect aesthetics to the door.

A keyless lock is installed on both an apartment entrance door and an exterior door.

Advantages and disadvantages of a keyless lock

The main advantage of a keyless lock is its visual appearance: not only does the lock not "disfigure" the door, but the hood gives it an original and aesthetic touch. With the lock keeled, we can boast of having a beautiful lock!

It appears indeed that the fairing does not really provide a higher level of security. We can indeed find keeled locks from 3 to 8 anchor points, which guarantees a good level of security... exactly the same as could be achieved with a lock applied!

Finally, if the amount of our front door is not wide enough, the installation of the hood can not be done!

Price of a keyless lock

Have a nice door to look at, it has a price! If you can find locks applied from 10 €, can not find a keylock lock less than 190 €. Even at the entry level...

For high-end or enhanced security models, prices are doubled, and can reach 500€.

Good news: we can easily install them yourself! It will always make us save some money...

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