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I have a cap for domestic hot water type BT300 Altech for two months, installed in the garage. It is a capacity of 300 liters, but after 3 showers or 2 showers and a dishwashing bath and small miscellaneous use the water is cold (about 13°). The CAP is triggered between 23:00 6:00 during off-peak hours and the forced start is not very economical. Is this normal because I understood that the use was to be able to take at least a dozen showers in the day. I hope I have been clear and I look forward to your advice, sugestions and comments.

The device you are using is a thermodynamic water heater. Its performance is a function of the ambient temperature. Its Coefficient of Efficiency (COP) is 3.2 and the guarantee of water outlet is only 56° C with an outside temperature of 20° C. If in recent weeks it has been cold in your garage, the performance of the CAP has decreased accordingly. But normally, this device contains an auxiliary resistance of 1500 W which should compensate for the drop in efficiency and prevent you from having "cold" water. However, note that a shower of 5 minutes consumes about 100 liters of water and a bath between 150 and 200 liters, if you add a dishwasher 50 liters minimum...

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