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The quality and durability of the frame depend on the choice and the classification of the wood as well as the respect of the sections, calculated according to the range and the supported load. The species used vary greatly depending on the region and the use of structural members (beams, planks, rafters...).

The classification of wood

The woods comply with the classifications developed by the FCBA and must comply with NF B 53.520 standards. All our lumber complies with the technical regulations that guarantee:

  • fungicidal and insecticidal treatment of wood;
  • an appearance ranking;
  • a structure classification;
  • nominal dimensions;
  • sawing precision.

Lumber: wood

Softwoods of countries

Softwoods of countries

This is dense wood from the Landes, Vosges, Jura, Savoie and Massif Central. They include maritime pines, Scots pines, Douglas fir, fir trees, larches and spruces. They are used for the common parts of framework (purlins, rafters, joists, battens...) and the small farms. They are available in lengths from 3 m and then in increments of 0.50 m.

Northern woods

From Scandinavia, Russia and Siberia, they include white (spruce and white fir) and red (Scots pine) woods. They are used for industrial frame trusses, glulam frames and floor joists. They are available in lengths from 2.70 m and then by 0.30 m.

Oak beams

Oak beams

Hard and hard wood, the oak is considered one of the best wood for the beams of the frame.

The Lorraine boards

In untreated fir, they are in chosen frame quality.

Assembly accessories

The metal connectors are used to ensure the assembly of lumber. They are galvanized and pre-drilled to receive screws or nails.

Lumber: beams

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