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Maintain and shine old floors with black soap

There are often questions about how to maintain old, fragile soils without the risk of damaging them. Black soap, very old traditional household cleaner is one of the good solutions. It nourishes, protects and shines tomettes, terracotta pavers, sandstone tiles and stone slabs. Black soap is made from linseed oil. It is saponified slowly while hot to obtain a high concentration (between 15% and 30% pure soap).

Necessary material

  • 1 bucket of 5 L
  • floorcloth
  • Hot water
  • Black soap

Maintain and shine old floors with black soap: shine

  1. Fill the bucket with hot water.
  2. Add a black soap cap per liter of water.
  3. Clean the floor with this solution applied to the mop.
  4. Let dry without rinsing.

Briochin black soap is made in France and is certified Ecocert guaranteeing the natural origin of the product.

(photos / visuals: © Briochin, except special mention)

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