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Maintain your heating appliances

The maintenance of your heaters must be done regularly. By having your installation checked, you will avoid its clogging and thus save energy. In addition, depending on the heating systems the legislation may require an annual maintenance. This charge is paid to the occupant of the dwelling, whether he is the owner or tenant. Thus, radiators, boilers and chimneys must be regularly checked, if possible by qualified professionals.

Maintain its radiators.

In order to avoid overconsumption and keep its central heating radiators, in good condition it is advisable to purge them at the beginning and at the end of the winter. On the other hand, if they seem less efficient than before or if they make excessive noise, then they must be dismantled and completely renew the water in the heating circuit.

As for the electric heaters, you will just dust the grilles of wall units (convectors, radiant panels...) twice a year. It is also advisable to clean the vents regularly so that the air circulates continuously. Attention before any intervention do not forget to unplug the radiator.

Maintain his boiler and his equipment.

Regardless of the fuel used, in addition to regular maintenance of your boiler, an annual maintenance visit is required. Otherwise, you will not be covered in the event of a disaster. This visit also optimizes the boiler settings and can save you up to 10% on your energy bill. Oil-fired boilers, with boiler cleaning, combustion control and regulation, require more maintenance than gas boilers. Their duct, which tends to get dirty, must also be swept during the annual inspection. Finally, the oil tank should be inspected every 15 years or so to assess the need for cleaning to remove deposits that could clog the filters. Gas, natural or propane boilers must also be checked annually by a professional. The tanks of the propane boilers require a control during each filling.

Maintain his fireplace.

Maintain your heating appliances: heating

Whether you heat on a wood fire or not, your chimney requires annual maintenance. For example, open fireplaces must be swept at least once a year by a professional and closed fire models twice at the beginning and at the end of the winter. Namely that the chimney sweep will provide you with a certificate that can be claimed by your insurance. In addition, to ensure your safety, your duct must not be cracked or contain too much soot. Attention, in the case of an insert, the presence of a ventilation system does not exempt you from the inspection visit.

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