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Maintain his portal

Whatever its size, material and shape, your portal requires minimal maintenance. To keep it for many years you will have to pay attention.

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Wooden gate

To protect your wood, apply with a brush a preventive treatment: fungicide and insecticide. This operation must be repeated every three years, preferably at the end of the summer when the wood is dry and the heat is less present.
Once the preventive treatment applied let dry your portal a few days then apply a stain.
If over time, and despite all your precautions, portal elements tend to rot, then it is better to replace them quickly to avoid spreading.

Iron gate

To preserve your iron, paint it with an antirust paint.
Watch your gate regularly to detect the slightest rust spots.
If the iron is in excellent condition, wash it with a soft sponge, warm, clear water and soap.
If the iron is a little rusty, rub the points of corrosion with a wire brush. Then sand it with polishing paste and a fine abrasive.
If the iron is particularly rusted, scrape it off with a wire brush then apply a coat of rust inhibitor followed by a monolayer anti-rust paint.

Aluminum and PVC gate

To clean your gate, just apply a little soapy water from time to time.

Hardware maintenance

If your latch is very regularly used, it is best to paint it unless it is already lacquered or galvanized.
Latches and hinges can be oiled or greased.

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