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Maintaining a roof: tips and solutions

Over time, the roof of a building tends to degrade and therefore requires some maintenance to keep it in good condition for as long as possible and to ensure its tightness. For this, it is advisable to check the condition of the roof from time to time and if necessary to treat it or have it repaired. That's why this week, HandymanDuDimanche offers you to discover the procedure to follow to maintain your roof. HandymanDuDimanche offers you to discover the procedure to follow to maintain your roof.

Maintenance of roofing materials and gutters

Whether zinc, slate or terracotta the roofing of your roof must be carefully inspected to identify any problems such as stains, foam, leaks or broken tiles that must be replaced. In the first place, it is advisable to slightly clean your roof by rubbing with a stiff brush on any stains. You then spray an anti-foam and anti-algae product, preventive and curative adapted to your roof. Finally, you will apply a water-repellent product on your tiles in order to waterproof them. To know that if many tiles must be replaced it is better to call a roofer. Moreover, if your chutes, your evacuation sight or your gutters are congested, it will then be necessary to empty them then to clean them with the hose of garden or with a shovel adapted to this use. Finally, if you spot a hole in one of your gutters you will cover it with cover putty.

Maintenance of the frame

Centerpiece of the roof the frame, usually in wood, also requires an annual inspection. So if your frame is old or if you spot traces of mold or termites, it will be necessary to apply, every ten years or so, a treatment product fungicide and insecticide adapted to the situation. However, if your framework seems to have suffered significant damage, it is better to use a specialized company. In addition, if you notice that some of the structural elements are beginning to sag, especially at the girder level, it will be necessary to consider having it consolidated or restored by a carpenter unless you have solid knowledge of the subject. Thus, you will benefit from the ten-year guarantee while having the assurance of a job well done.

Maintenance of insulation and roof openings

Over the years, the insulation of attics under roof tends to wear out. It is therefore advisable to make sure of its condition. If the insulation seems defective, then replace it with a new one or add a layer over it. This will save you money on your heating bill. In addition, waterproofing of roof openings such as skylights, chimney flashing and skylights must be checked so that moisture or water runoff does not seep into the roof and damage it.

Attention, if you work at height, on your roof, do not forget to foresee a suitable equipment to tinker in complete safety. Finally, in terms of roofing, HandymanDuDimanche strongly encourages you to opt for environmentally friendly products. In fact, at the slightest rain, the products scattered on the roofs of houses flow directly into the environment and can therefore cause some pollution in the garden and its surroundings.

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