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Your pergola requires regular maintenance and cleaning to maintain its luster and extend its life. This maintenance must be done according to the material of your pergola, but also according to the weather and seasons.

Maintenance of a wooden pergola

First of all, be aware that maintenance and cleaning of the pergola depends of course on the material. Wood is a particularly sensitive material that requires knowledge in order to carry out regular maintenance:

  • It's about making a wood treatment every 3 years to allow it to resist moisture and prevent the appearance of fungi.
  • At the same time as this treatment, consider applying a insect product which can harm the wood.
  • Finally, apply a d√©griseur on the wood of the pergola as soon as it seems to lose its luster and color.

Maintenance of an iron, canvas and PVC pergola

Unlike wood, iron and PVC are stronger and easier to maintain. In spite of everything, the iron pergola remains a little more delicate since the iron requires the application of a anti-rust product every year.
The PVC pergola itself can be cleaned very simply with a sponge and clear water, warm preferably.

If a portion of the pergola is made of canvas, you must prevent the dust and debris from becoming embedded in it, which requires you to regularly use a low-intensity water jet and a soft scrubber to remove the marks. and dirt. If the tasks do not go away with the simple jet of water, then you can soak the canvas in soapy water like Marseille soap, but do not use aggressive detergents that could weaken it. Remember also that the canvas parts of the pergola should be removed, washed and stored during the winter.

Regular maintenance of the pergola

In absolute terms, it is recommended to carry out a deep cleaning of the pergola twice a year to keep it bright. If you have the courage, you can carry out more frequent cleaning: twice a year is a minimum. You can use a stepladder and a microfiber cloth or a scrubbing brush depending on the material, not to mention the soapy water. Do not forget to rinse and let dry.

Cleaning traces on a pergola

If you notice that some stains remain on your pergola despite maintenance with soapy water, you can try to gently rub first with baking soda that you mixed with water. If this method is still not enough, then you can use white vinegar, without forgetting to rinse before letting it dry, simply.

Cleaning a pergola according to the seasons

During the autumn and winter, if your pergola has a flat ceiling and / or gutters as on the bioclimatic pergolas, do not forget to make sure that rainwater flows well and does not stagnate. It's the same for dead leaves, insects and other dirt which can decompose and prevent the evacuation of water: it is therefore preferable to evacuate them as and when.

Finally Yes the snow falls heavily, think well of remove as much snow as possible your pergola, because the snow can damage it significantly if it accumulates. If you have a bioclimatic pergola, leave the swing blades open so that the snow accumulation does not weaken them.

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