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A maintenance visit of your boiler is mandatory at least once a year. You can subscribe to a maintenance contract: it is not mandatory, but it simplifies your procedures.

Why subscribe to a maintenance contract for your boiler?

You do not have to opt for a maintenance contract for your boiler, but it is a solution that has several advantages:

  • It's more simple: you have your provider, and the steps are simplified for everything related to your boiler. The company can call you every year to set the annual boilers review appointment - you do not have to think about it!
  • It's more economic: In case of failure of your boiler, you can benefit from more interesting conditions. Breakdowns may be included in your contract, including support for travel and labor costs.
  • It's more advantageous: With a maintenance contract, your repair technician can guarantee a fast and priority intervention if necessary.

With a maintenance contract, you play the card of tranquility and security.

Choose your type of maintenance contract

Troubleshooting companies can offer different formulas. The basic contract includes at least the annual maintenance visit. Formulas may include more services such as unlimited troubleshooting, replacement of defective parts, etc.

You can also choose options like chimney sweeping. Sweeping is mandatory and prevents the risk of accidents with your boiler (fire for example), but it is not usually planned during the annual maintenance visit.

Carefully read the maintenance contract that you are offered before signing it. Check which services are supported by the company, and which aspects remain your responsibility. Also inquire about response times in case of failure.

A boiler maintenance contract is often renewed automatically from year to year. If you wish to terminate it, contact your service provider shortly to find out how.

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