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Like other visible parts of the veranda, the roof requires regular maintenance. However, this operation can be tricky, especially if the roof is not easily accessible, so it must be done in a particular setting and safely. Explanations.

Why maintain the roof of his veranda

The roof is an important component of the veranda that should be cleaned just as much as the other exterior elements of the construction for guarantee its durability over time.

Besides the dust, it can indeed receive leaves with the wind, but especially greening, and develop mosses and other forms of vegetation like grass.

The roof is also not immune to snowfall in case of severe winter, in which case it must be cleared as soon as possible to limit the risk of premature wear.

The most important rules for maintaining the roof of his veranda

Yes regular maintenance of the roof of the veranda Therefore, the right conditions for doing so are just as important, especially in terms of safety and material wear.

In this context, you should never:

  • Go up on the roof and walk on it;
  • Use a karcher but rather a garden hose directing the water from the top to the bottom of the roof;
  • Apply incompatible products with the equipment in place, like some weed killers for example.

Respect for these principles is essential to avoid the risk of falls but also damage to waterproofing coatings in particular.

Appoint a professional for the maintenance of the roof of his veranda

The cleaning of the roof of the veranda is a step that can not be improvised, for which it is highly recommended to use a specialized company, knowing that many offer maintenance contracts and maintenance of their facilities.

Trained and experienced, the professional will conduct a thorough examination of the roof and will perform all necessary work, according to the rules of art and regulation, particularly in terms of security.

The self-cleaning glass veranda roof

Finally, self-cleaning glass, designed to destroy organic waste, can be an alternative for the roof of your veranda. This solution makes it possible greatly facilitate and reduce the maintenance frequency of your roof, without however completely exempting you from the control of the installation.

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