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The maintenance of the common parts is concerned with maintaining the good conservation of the collective spaces of the co-ownership. Who conducts this interview? What are the maintained spaces and how? Who pays for small and large maintenance jobs? The answers to all these questions, to follow in this article.

Common parts in co-ownership, what to maintain?

Common spaces are the spaces of a condominium building whose use is shared by all co-owners. Maintenance interventions will therefore take place in each of these areas.


  • floors of the condominium
  • outdoor community spaces (courtyards, parks or gardens),
  • access roads to the building
  • large works of the building (walls, roofs, etc.),
  • collective equipment elements (lifts, collective boiler, etc.),
  • ducts and chimney heads (if there is one),
  • various pipelines,
  • water and electricity networks.

Who does the maintenance of the common parts of a condominium?

The management of the common parts of a co-ownership is part of the missions of its trustee. The latter is therefore responsible for ensuring the maintenance of common areas, in order to maintain the good conservation of the building.

But if some small jobs are left to the initiative of the union, the heaviest will be subject to a vote in general meeting.

  • The daily maintenance of spaces does not require obtaining an authorization from the co-owners. Example: the replacement of a burned-out bulb.
  • But if the intervention goes beyond the framework of this kind of small repairs, the general assembly must be consulted. Example: a roof repair.

Maintenance of the common parts, who pays?

The maintenance of the common parts remains at the expense of homeownersbut also tenants of the building.

Everyone has the obligation to participate in the maintenance costs that they pay via monthly or quarterly charges.
These are general expenses (maintenance and administration of common parts) and special charges (maintenance of public facilities).

The height of these loads is here proportional to the directors occupied by the inhabitants. The royalties are calculated according to:

  • arrangements of the occupied apartment,
  • of its area
  • of his situation in the building (floor, orientation, view...)
  • collective facilities available (elevator, garden, terrace...).

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