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A fence is an element that allows both to delimit and secure a private area. For a fence to play its role perfectly, it is important to maintain it well, and the actions to be performed depend on the materials of which it is composed. Here are some tips depending on the characteristics of the fence...

Maintenance of a fence

Maintenance of a fence

Maintenance of a wooden fence

Even if the wood that composes a fence is generally subject to a preventive treatment, it is advisable to regularly renew this treatment in order to preserve its aesthetics and its resistance over time. We have the choice between paint, varnish or even stain wood. In case of major damage, the best is to carry out a complete renovation. In the case of a palisade, the wood used is generally rough, but it is possible to paint and varnish it.

In any case, it must be checked frequently that the posts and stakes of the wooden fence are sturdy and firmly fixed. If necessary, tighten the screws and reinforce the stakes with concrete if necessary.

Maintenance of a wrought iron fence

If it is a recently installed fence, it is recommended to protect the material with a layer (or more) of antirust paint. If the material needs a facelift, think of stripping before applying a protective product.

Maintenance of a plant fence

In the case of a plant fence, it is necessary to pay attention to the evils of the wind, the rain and other bad weather. On the other hand, plants, shrubs and hedges may dry out and deteriorate. It must therefore be cared for throughout the year. In addition, the fasteners must be regularly checked and the fasteners must be tightened or replaced if necessary.

Fences that require little (or no) maintenance

Some fences have the advantage of asking for a minimum maintenance. This is particularly the case of synthetic grids. It must nevertheless be verified that these are well fixed. If necessary, tighten the fasteners and replace any damaged connections.

Welded mesh and PVC fences do not need maintenance either. But for a beautiful appearance, they can be cleaned with warm, soapy water (rinse with clean water).

There are also trellises and concrete fences. Once again, it remains necessary to ensure that the pillars are strong and secure. Sometimes we can see the presence of fungi (moss or lichen), it is necessary to call upon antifoam product.

The maintenance of a fence therefore implies great vigilance. In case of doubt about the proper behavior to clean, fix or replace an element of the fence, it is advisable to call in a professional specialized in fencing.

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