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To stay healthy and properly protect the property from prying eyes, the garden hedge must be regularly maintained. Watering, weeding, fertilization, size... discover in this article our tips and tricks for the maintenance of a garden hedge.

Maintenance of a garden hedge

Maintenance of a garden hedge

What interviews do you need for a garden hedge?

A hedge needs to be watered regularly (except for trees that enjoy dry climates and soils). So we water the shrubs one after the other.

Weeding the feet of the hedge occurs very regularly so that they remain clean, especially with the arrival of spring.

Fertilizer is very rarely used for feed a hedgeunless it is shrubs in demand for this type of nutrient treatment. However the earth should never be bare, so we think to cover it with compost or manure, for example, natural and very effective substitutions.

Treatment of a hedge against diseases

The shrubs in the hedge are generally resistant to diseases and keep parasites away. Only the sick tree is treated.

To note: in order to minimize all these maintenance tasks of the hedge, the trick here is to mulch (mowing technique without collecting the grass).

Maintenance rules and size of the garden hedge

Bad maintenance of the hedge? Be careful with neighborhood conflicts!

  • The owner of the hedge is responsible for cutting branches that advance on the neighboring property.
  • However, although the neighbor is entitled to compel the owner of the hedge to prune it, he is not allowed to cut it himself.
  • In case of conflict without amicable solution, the protagonists may appeal to the district court to decide on the matter.

The last maintenance of the hedge will therefore be trim it. It is also recommended to respect certain periods of size, inherent to the type of hedge, and this from its plantation so that the shrubs expand and give a beautiful appearance to all.

  • A regular hedge is cut 2-3 times a year (to be modulated according to the type of shrub).
  • A free hedge (composed of various shrubs) is approximately Once a year.

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