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Between the opulence of summer and the first frost, the autumn unfolds its splendors. This is the season when nature, before resting, gives us a last show full of colors and flavors. In the garden, work is not lacking. Maintaining your garden in autumn is helping you prepare for the winter that is already coming.

Maintenance of a garden in autumn

Maintenance of a garden in autumn

Clean the garden before winter

A clean garden in late autumn, it will be less work in the spring and especially plants that will come back to life in good conditions.

  • Cut the wilted flowers except for hydrangeas.
  • Gather dead leaves and compost them or keep them to mulch the foot of cold sensitive plants.
  • Dig up summer tubers that fear frost (Dahlias, canas, begonias, etc.). Keep them in the cellar in a dry, well ventilated place. Do not remove them too early, wait until they have accumulated enough nutrients in their bulb.
  • Eliminate weeds and hoe or hoe around the plants.
  • Keep ornamental grasses in place. The leaves will protect the foot in case of heavy frosts. Also keep perennial perennials and shrubs with decorative stems. They will bring a little color to the garden this winter. Also keep the flower heads of the faded hydrangeas. They protect the buds of the following year. It is in spring that you will be able to fold all these foliage so that they restart.
  • Remove fallen leaves in the basin and clean aquatic plants. Remember to protect the most fragile frost. Protect the pumps and filters from the coming gel.

Pruning and pruning in autumn

Size discipline and restores while pruning brings light into the heart of trees and shrubs. But beware, too severe or too late shrubs spring flowering will deprive you of flowers the following spring. Do not hesitate to refer to the information on the labels accompanying your plants. And adapt to the climate of your region.

  • Trim the hedges to better air them. For evergreen shrubs, be careful not to make holes. These can not be filled until spring.
  • Fold down the roses about 1/3 of their height. But do not cut too low especially if your region knows strong frosts. Pick up sick leaves and burn them to prevent the spread of disease.

Development and planting work in autumn

In autumn, the soil is still warm enough and the rains have moistened it. This is the moment for plant trees and shrubs. Besides, do not we say " At Saint Catherine - November 25 - all wood takes root! ».
For perennials, wait until spring. But do not wait to install the spring bulbs.
It is also the season to rethink the landscaping of the garden: create new paths, install a pond, change or remove massifs, etc.

The grass in autumn

For a grass that has suffered from the drought of summer, fall is the time of rebirth. Take the opportunity to pamper your lawn: scarification, ventilation and rolling. Do not let dead leaves accumulate on the grass. Remember to bring a basic fertilizer, richer in potassium and less nitrogen.
Make the last mowing high enough. The grass will be better able to withstand the rigors of winter.

Maintenance of gardening equipment

Think now about sharpen your tools: hedge pruning, secateurs, shears and mower blade. They will be ready for spring. Remember that a poorly-tooled tool hurts the plant and promotes disease.
At the end of autumn, return the irrigation equipment. Purge the water circuits and turn off the outside water supplies to prevent freezing.

And before the first frosts

It's not officially winter yet but it's coming soon. If it's not done yet:

  • Toss the potted plants and store them in a cool, airy place.
  • Protect plants potted that can not be returned with a wintering veil, a foot mulch and a bubble plastic around the pot.
  • Strawberry roses and plants remained in place in the massifs. Use a wintering veil on frost sensitive shrubs.

Remember to install shelters for these valuable gardeners' hedgehogs and birds. From the first frosts, start feeding the birds.

Video Instruction: Garden Maintenance: Collecting Autumn Leaves