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Your garden pond is a small ecosystem that you need to maintain regularly to keep it healthy. Through the seasons, a few simple but essential actions will help you ensure optimal maintenance of your pool.

Maintenance of a garden pond

Maintenance of a garden pond

Restarting a garden pond after winter

At the first rays of spring sunshine and as soon as the temperature of the water rises, your pond will come back to life.
This is the perfect time to check the basin infrastructure and its accessories:

  • Inspect the condition of the preformed tank or pond. Are they still tight? If necessary perform or have the necessary repairs made.
  • Clean the pump. Eliminate all waste and deposits.
  • If you have not done it in the fall, clean the filters thoroughly. Check the condition of the foams or filter grids. If your filter has a biological filter (zeolite, pozzolan, bio-support) clean it or change it. Also remember to reseed in bacteria.
  • Clean or change the UV clarifier lamp.
  • Check the piping, essential element and often forgotten!

To help you in your cleaning work, you will find specific cleaning products in the ornamental pond specialists. They will also advise you on the parts to change.

Maintenance of a garden pond in the spring

When the water temperature reaches at least 10°, restart the pump and filters. The plants will start to grow and the fish will emerge from their winter torpor.

  • Maintenance of the pump and filters in the spring: After your big cleaning in the early spring, continue to maintain the equipment regularly. The biological balance of your pond is still fragile, remember to regularly check the quality of the water. Use kits ready for use. The results will show you how to treat the water in your pond so that it stays clear and conducive to the health of your pisces.
  • The maintenance of aquatic plants in the spring: Eliminate plants that are too damaged or dead. Cut the stems of the other 10 cm above the water. Check the condition of the submerged baskets and especially watch that there is enough substrate for the roots. It's time to give some fertilizer. In garden centers you find fertilizers specific to aquatic plants.
    In April, reinstall the plants that you had sheltered during the winter.
    Start the new plantings and divide the clumps of water lilies.
  • The maintenance of pond fish in the spring: With the beautiful days, the fish will start to be hungry. Start slowly to feed them and increase the doses gradually. This is the time when your fish will spawn. In order to help them, have them take a vitamin cure.

Maintenance of a garden pond in summer

With the beautiful days, the life around and in your pond swarms: Small fish that will become big, plants and even seaweed...

  • Maintenance of the pump and filters in summer: Pumps and filters work continuously. Clean them regularly. A daily maintenance is always faster than the restoration of a basin all green, invaded by algae...
    Check the quality of the water. And always be careful, to maintain the water level. In strong heat, it evaporates. Do not hesitate to add. Normally, you should never see the top of the waterproofing tarpaulin.
  • Maintenance of aquatic plants in summer: Filtering or oxygenating plants contribute to the equilibrium of water. Floating plants also provide welcome shade to the fish. This is why you have to choose different plants for your pond.
    But do not let yourself be invaded. Limit the most prolific.
    Eliminate faded flowers and stems regularly. They will not go thus to decompose at the bottom of the basin.
  • The maintenance of pond fish in summer : To determine the amount of food to feed, distribute small amounts. Everything must be eaten within 5 minutes! Remember that during the summer, they will find insects and larvae directly in the water.
    Moreover, if your aquatic plants are invaded by aphids, immerse them in water or clean them with a jet, your fish will appreciate this taste of insects.

However, do not carry out phytosanitary treatment near the pond or aquatic plants. You could pollute the water.
Sometimes despite filtration, algae proliferate. Do not hesitate to check the quality of the water with a kit. The result will tell you what treatment to bring to keep the water clear and healthy.

But soon, the fall will be there and you will have to prepare your pond for the winter to come... and especially protect your fish frost.

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