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The maintenance of a gas stove is an essential step to ensure compliance and guard against wear and risk of failure, which can have serious consequences for the safety of property and people. Focus on the maintenance rules of gas stoves.

Periodic maintenance of the gas stove by a professional

Obligatory passage, maintenance of a gas stove by a professional takes place on the basis ofonce a year, and preferably in the summer so that you can enjoy your device during the heating period. It is either the company that installed the stove, or any other specialist authorized to work on this type of equipment.

During the audit, the professional control ignition, pilot light, faucet, hose, power cable... or even the levels of heating and sealing. It also proceeds to component cleaning, burners for example. Finally, he carries out any necessary repairs and the replacement of defective or obsolete parts.

Cleaning and visual verification of the gas stove by the individual

Except for the annual inspection carried out by a professional, the conditions of maintenance of the gas stove by the individual are specified on the instructions supplied by the manufacturer, and must be scrupulously respected by the latter. This includes cleaning the stove regularly, when it is cold, to remove stains with a cloth.

Also, this operation is accompanied by visual checks of the stove, mainly to ensure the condition of the connecting pipe and the power cable, that is to say that they are not in situation abnormal wear. In this case, the user must absolutely return to a professional, installer, manufacturer or after-sales service, in order for the latter to replace the damaged part of the same reference.

Storage of the gas stove by the individual

Finally, when correct temperatures returned to the gas stove no longer serves, it must be kept away from moisture, and covered with a cover or returned in its packaging, not to take the dust which could damage certain parts of the equipment. Beforehand, the device must of course have been cleaned, and the gas cylinder disconnected; this latter recommendation also means that the stove is not used over a long period.

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