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The maintenance of green spaces and gardens condominiums passes through a set of tasks adapted to their importance. Financing, choice of provider, contract and interventions... summary of useful information to know for a maintenance of green spaces without a bad surprise.

Maintenance of green spaces and gardens in condominium

Maintenance of green spaces and gardens in condominium

Modalities for the maintenance of green spaces and gardens in condominium

The maintenance of green spaces (yards, parks and gardens) is financed by general expenses, supported by the occupying co-owners and tenants.

Here it is possible to use the services of a company specialized in gardening, or to integrate this work into the contract of one of the employees of the co-ownership (his concierge, for example).

Depending on the chosen solution, the co-owners will still have to select the service provider (by vote in the general assembly), following a call for tenders or requests for quotes made by the trustee.

This will be followed:

  • the writing of maintenance contract, including the precise description of the tasks to be undertaken in green spaces.
  • writing a nnew employment contract, if the solution to employ an employee of the building for these tasks is favored.

To note: There are other less common solutions for maintaining green spaces:

  • use of a cleaning company
  • to a farmer
  • to the participation of the co-owners (shared interview).

Maintenance of green spaces in co-ownership: what interventions?

In co-ownership, green spaces can range from the simple hedge to the real garden. The need for maintenance can vary greatly.

Some examples of the interventions to be carried out in these green spaces:

  • Mow the lawns and pick the grass after cutting to evacuate. Weeds are pulled out and the lawn is nourished by adding fertilizer.
  • Delineate grassed areas with a clean cut of curbs.
  • To beak the rose bushes and to prune them to facilitate their flowering.
  • Treat the clumps, bring them nutrients in the form of fertilizer.
  • Weed the massifs, hedges, alleys, bowls of trees, & c.
  • Track faded flowers (they are removed throughout the flowering period).
  • Prune the shrubs once a year, depending on their flowering date. The size usually takes place after the spring, or in autumn if the shrub blossoms during the summer period.
  • Etc.

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