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In order for your plants to grow properly all year long, it is necessary to maintain your garden greenhouse. Indeed, if it protects your plants from bad weather conditions, it does not prevent them from suffering from certain diseases and insect attacks. To overcome this real plague, the maintenance of its garden greenhouse is essential.

What needs to be maintained in the garden greenhouse?

The maintenance of a garden greenhouse must be done both inside the greenhouse and outside. Indeed, for it does not convey diseases that are harmful to plants, the greenhouse must be very hygienic. It is therefore essential to deal with the surroundings of the greenhouse by removing weeds in particular.
Then you have to take care of inside the greenhouse removing all that is not necessary and cleaning thoroughly at least once a year walls, structure, shelves and of course windows on which algae and mosses do not proliferate.
Yes hygiene is essential for the good development of your plants, the right mechanics of your garden greenhouse also have a role to play. It is then necessary to check the cover of the greenhouse, its watertightness, the mobility of the dormers, the flow of the gutters and the good functioning of the electrical network if it exists for example. We also check that the spray nozzles are in good condition and still work properly.

How to maintain your garden greenhouse?

The maintenance of a garden greenhouse involves both a large annual cleaning and follow-up throughout the year.
The big cleaning is done in the autumn period and concerns in particular the cleaning of the whole windows of the greenhouse to bring enough light to your plants once the winter has arrived. Then you have to take out all the plants and wash the glass walls with soapy water. If you notice mold or mildew, you can use bleach but remember to rinse with plenty of water after such treatment. This is also the time to replace broken or damaged windows, clean the shelves on which your plants are placed and check the condition of the soil.
The maintenance of a garden greenhouse also passes through a regular check throughout the year of it. So:

  • Spring is the ideal time to determine which plants may or may not be released from the greenhouse and to ventilate the greenhouse;
  • In summer time it is essential to cover the windows with blinds or by adding Spanish white to protect your plants from the sun's rays. It is also necessary to regularly water the plants and open the greenhouse as much as possible to ventilate the inside of the greenhouse properly;
  • In autumnyou must carry out the great cleaning mentioned above;
  • In winter, the greenhouse must be ventilated regularly and the heating temperature must be checked if the greenhouse is heated.

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