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Gutter maintenance

Gutter maintenance

Often forgotten or abandoned, the gutters of a house deserve to be regularly maintained for the water to flow properly and avoid congestion and blockages. How and why to clean the gutters, explanations.

Why maintain gutters?

The gutter is the rainwater drainage system. Exposed to the nearby environment, it can clog up with time: dead leaves, fir spines, small branches, dead birds, etc.

If the water can no longer flow properly, the gutter may break and significant damage may result. The water will flow along the wall and can damage the facade, infiltrate the walls and even weaken the foundations of the house. Regular maintenance avoids these inconveniences in addition to increasing the life of the gutter.

Maintenance takes place in two stages:

  • Cleaning the gutter to rid it of debris,
  • Gutter repair allows to verify the good functioning of the whole network.

This operation is practiced twice a year, in the fall and in the spring.

How to maintain the gutters?

To properly clean and repair a gutter:

  • Start by opening the drainage openings in the lower part of the gutter and clean the walls with a jet of water.
  • Using a ladder and a front spreader, remove the top of the gutter from dead leaves and debris, with a small shovel-type transplanter,
  • Wash the gutter,
  • Close the lower part of the gutter with a small bucket and pour water into the gutter, to check for leaks and the water does not stagnate,
  • Check the connections, the seals and the fixing hooks and, if necessary, repair them or tighten them again.

He is more careful to use the expertise of a professional, especially if your gutter is more than 6 meters high or if it is too damaged. A professional has the equipment and know-how to clean and repair your gutters safely!

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