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I have a small electric meter outside (3 or 4 breakers) on a pole in the middle of the garden that is used to power the electric gate, lighting... I do not know why the former owner put it in full middle! I would like to remove everything. Is it possible to make a buried installation, in a waterproof box and on which one could roll on it with a car? I can not find any info on this subject!

Yes this is quite feasible, respecting a certain number of safety rules contained in standard NF C 15-100: the duct must be buried at least 0.50 m and at 0.85 m under the driving parts or sidewalks. A red warning device (plastic mesh) must be placed 10 cm above the pipe. The buried pipelines must be made with a U 1000 R2V or FNR 05 VV-U cable under a standardized TPC type conduit if the ground is not floodable. If this is not the case, choose a U 1000 RGPFV or RVFV wiring.

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