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I want to make an opening of 3 meters between my room and my kitchen, the wall is a 20cm thick wall of reinforced concrete, I would like to know how to cut this wall and how to know what type of beam should be installed (concrete or IPN) and its section?

Attention: Before attacking a load-bearing wall, always call in a professional who will be the only one able to assess the risks and calculate the maximum opening possibilities according to the load induced by the masonry. above it, and corollary to fix the nature and section of the lintel to put in place. That being said, shoring will have to be put in place before cutting the wall. You will find in our site a SHEET on the drilling of a window in a wall, presenting the technique of realization of a bay with pouring of a lintel in reinforced concrete. The specificity of your walled concrete wall induces the use of a concrete crusher and a perforator.

For safety, I advise you to use the services of a professional.

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