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In a magazine decor, I saw a bathtub in pebble, I found the idea very nice and original. I renovate an old house and in the guest room there is an acrylic bathtub. I would like to dress inside pebbles. Is it feasible? And how?

In general, I am not favored pebbles in a bathroom or shower. Very "trendy", this way of doing things seems to me, certainly "deco", but very impractical, pebbles being slippery, difficult to clean and being very uncomfortable especially in a bathtub.

However if you really care, it will sanding the bath, pass a specialized primer, then stick your pebbles with a tile adhesive trying to perfectly match the roundness of the bathtub which is not going to be a trivial matter. Fill the joints between the rollers well so that they are not too deep and even harder to clean. You can also find pebbles on net, more convenient to ask.

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