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Tiling and earthenware are different in many ways. Adapted tools make it possible to realize all forms of plots.

Cut tiles to the electric tile

Position the tile on the tray.

  • For straight and perpendicular cutting, position the tile on the pan.
  • Then move forward continuously.

Tilt the tray for a bevel cut.

  • For a 45° chamfered cut, place the side bracket at the required distance.
  • Tilt the tray.

Advance slowly to get a clean cut.

  • Position the tile.
  • Then move slowly and smoothly to get a clean cut without glare.

Bevel cutting.

  • A bevel cut gives a nice finish to a salient angle. It avoids the installation of a corner wand.

Cut tiles to manual tile

Strip the tile with the carriage wheel.

  • Place the tile on the tray against the top stop.
  • Scratch it by firmly moving the carriage wheel.

Press on both sides of the metal rod to split the tile.

  • Lay a thin metal rod under the tile.
  • Then exert pressure on both sides to split the tile.

Cut tiles with manual pliers

Use a cleat to create a straight groove.

  • Strip the tile by pressing hard with the pliers knob.
  • Use a cleat to create a straight groove.

Split a tile with pliers.

  • Position the tile between the anvil and the jaws of the clamp.
  • Tighten and split the tile at the groove.

Specific cuts

Cut freehand with a grinder.

  • To remove a portion of tile, it is possible to cut freehand with a grinder.

Use a special coping saw.

  • Another solution: cut out the part to be removed with a special coping saw.

Cut tiles with a hole saw.

  • For any passage of pipe... the tile saw allows a circular cut to the correct diameter.

Video Instruction: How to prevent jagged edges when cutting tiles