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With patience, imagination and a great attention to detail, our reader Alain Beurdeley has made a doll's house furnished and even lit! Some design stages are curiously reminiscent of a real home...

Dollhouse and furniture.

Necessary material

  • Band saw
  • Small clamps
  • Hammer
  • Pincers
  • Sanding wedge
  • Cutter
  • Rule
  • brushes
  • Paint brushes
  • Plywood 5 and 8 mm thick
  • Planks from 8 to 12 mm thick (Falls)
  • Wood glue
  • Acrylic paints
  • Varnish
  • The electric cables
  • 12 V bulbs,
  • Mobile phone charger

Difficulty: 2/4
Cost: 25 €
Time: Three weeks

The house is built on a simple and solid base: some plywood panels form the back, the sides, the floors and the roof with 2 slopes that comes to cap it all. On this stable and light support, our reader has practiced openings, extended the floor of the floor by a balcony-terrace, and, for even more realism, has set up exposed beams and a number of details that delight big and small children.

A neat outside house

The outer sides of the plywood are cladded with solid wood clapboard, cut with a small band saw in the falling panels. These boards also cover the floor of the balcony-terrace, bordered by a perforated railing. The cover is painted on the plywood board to imitate the slate; the tracing of the tile frame with the ruler and the felt is in itself an exercise in remarkable precision.

Dream interiors

The interior pieces are simply painted white, to enhance the furniture. The precision of the details of the furnishing is the charm of this house, especially when the interior lighting is on: it seems truly inhabited. On the ground floor, the kitchen adjoins the living room warmed by a glowing fireplace; an effect obtained with a 12V electrical installation, powered by a mobile phone charger recovery.

The concern for realism

The respect for proportions takes into account the size of the dolls. The general dimensions flow logically, just like the size of the furniture, which must be able to be moved, to favor the creativity of the children: to arrange, to change the arrangement of the furniture and the distribution of the pieces, that is part of the game... The pleasure to manufacture and to imagine the house is as playful for the little ones as for the big ones!

Fit the frame of the house

Build the house with plywood.

  • The house is built with plywood 8 mm thick.
  • The panels are glued together.
  • Fine points allow to maintain them during the setting time of the glue.

Glue the panels and hold them with small presses.

The plywood 5 mm thick used for furniture is too fine to accept spikes. The panels are simply glued and held by small presses, elastic bracelets, clothespins or tape.

Make the furniture scale.

  • The furniture is made at the same time.
  • Our reader sets them up temporarily to check their scale; they must not be too small or too big.

Arrange the kitchen furniture.

  • The layout of the furniture controls the location of the partitions, especially for kitchen elements.

Cut out the panels with a small band saw.

  • Tooling is important. This small band saw allowed to cut the panels and some boards, to obtain cleats of all sizes.

Emphasize window frames with thin cleats.

  • Highlight frames of doors and windows by fine cleats, to bring even more relief and realism.

Cover the balcony-terrace with wooden slats.

  • Cover the balcony terrace by wooden slats also cut to size with a band saw, then finely sanded by hand.

Realize the finishes

Imitate a slate roof.

  • To imitate the slate roof, draw each outline in black felt on the surface previously painted in gray.

Lay the railing and clad the facades with wooden clapboard.

  • After laying the guardrail and thefacade cladding with wooden clapboard, it's time to tackle interior paints.

Paint the elements of the kitchen.

  • Paint each piece of furniture or varnish it when the wood must remain visible.
  • here is cooked complete, with round table and curved benches.

Paint the elements of the bathroom.

  • Paint also the elements of the bathroom. It has a corner bath, double sink and hanging toilet. Nothing is neglected for the comfort of the dolls!

Maintain the beams with shoring.

  • Leave the beams apparent, if they are not carriers.
  • Shoring with cleats helps to maintain them during the time of setting the glue.

Spotlight on the dollhouse

Feed small flashlight bulbs.

  • A mobile phone charger transforms the alternating current of the network into 12 V DC, able to power small bulbs flashlight.

Enlighten every room in the dollhouse.

  • Each room has its own lighting.
  • Even the fireplace glows with a thousand fires! An elegant and warm atmosphere...

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