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The silver fish can invade homes and do damage if it is present in large quantities. Omnivore, he is fond of books, newspapers, cartons, clothing, food waste... Difficult to catch, because very mobile and swift, it is hidden in the smallest gap. To get rid of it, here is a practical trap, very simple to realize.

Fight against the silver fish

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Necessary material

  • Glass jar top and without lid
  • Masking tape
  • Bait: bread, potato...

  • Surround the glass jar masking tape.
  • Put everything in the background is a piece of bread, a potato (two foods that are fond of silver fish!).
  • Position the trap in the room where this insect is likely to be present, just before dark (when it comes out of hiding). If necessary, create several traps.
  • Attracted by the bait, the intruders will climb into the pot, but can not come out because of slippery glass walls.

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