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Do you have a lot of furniture and enough muscles? So you can consider moving alone without the help of a professional. But for the adventure does not turn into a galley, you still have to organize well.

Make your move alone

Make your move alone

The advantages and disadvantages of moving alone

The main benefit of moving alone is that it's cheaper than to call in a professional mover. Your biggest expense item will be for transportation (van rental and fuel cost). And again, maybe do you have in your entourage a possibility of ready for a van.
But such an operation is possible only if you have a small volume to move and a few people very attentive to lend you your hand.

Moving alone requires you to manage the operation from A to Z: purchase and preparation of boxes, choice and driving of the vehicle, truck loading, handling on departure and arrival, etc. So before you start alone in the adventure, check the feasibility of the case.
And even if you have little furniture but these are valuable or fragile, call a pro. An accident happened so quickly. In addition, be careful and see with your insurance in case of breakage or injury of a participant in your move.

How to prepare for your move

As soon as the date is fixed, reserve a truck and invite family and friends to participate.

  • Buy or recover cartons in sufficient numbers. Arrange bubble wrap, tape and markers to record the contents of each carton. You will find boxes specially designed for dishes and glasses as well as cardboard boxes for clothes.
  • Take a tour of the commercial vehicle rental companies to request quotes. Be careful, weekends are more popular than weekdays.
    Choose the truck according to the volume you have to move and do not underestimate it. To avoid an error, use an online volume calculator.
    To help you handle heavy loads, choose a truck with a forked hanger and get a heck.
    Do not forget straps and blankets to secure and stall furniture.
  • Plan for a sufficient number of participants. Remember that you are not professional movers and that loading and unloading a truck is a significant amount of work. Especially if the working conditions are difficult (staircase, narrow elevator, difficulty parking near the door).

How to organize to move alone

For the move to be effective and in a good mood, everyone needs to know what to do. Who transports cartons and furniture to the truck? Who stays in the truck to organize the loading? Use each one to the best of one's skills and muscles!
The ideal is to have been to locate the places of your new home before the move. So you'll know, where you can park the truck, where the elevators are, and so on. If there is no parking space, please contact the town hall to request a temporary permit.
On the spot indicate to your helpers in which rooms they must deposit furniture and cardboard. And do not forget to plan drinks and sandwiches.

Evaluate the cost of a move made alone

We often tend to underestimate the cost of a solo move. If you have little volume, it's actually interesting. But when you start to accumulate furniture and cartons and / or the journey is long, the calculation is really to do.
The rental price of a van depends on its volume, the mileage that will be made and the duration of the rental. Most often the rental period is coupled with a kilometer package. Is your return trip included in the package? What will be the cost of additional kilometers? Not to mention that you may have motorway tolls to pay. Plus, if you are moving 200 km away, who will help you unload the truck on arrival? Not to mention that you will have to bring it back to its point of departure.
It is by asking all these questions that you will determine if moving alone is really the most interesting for you...

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