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Create a cat interior

If it is the preferred pet of the French, the domestic cat is primarily a cat that belongs to the same family as tigers, lions or lynx. Behind his playing plush, the cat hides a robust hunter, eager for freedom, tranquility and attention. Thus, to ensure its well-being in your home, it is necessary to make some arrangements and invest in essential objects. That's why this week Tinkerboard offers some tips to arrange an interior perfectly suited to your cat.

The essentials for your cat

Create a cat interior: interior

To give your cat the comfort and hygiene it deserves, you will need to provide a minimum of accessories. In the first place, you will provide a soft and welcoming bedding such as a cushion, sofa corner or basket. Note, however, that cats often often choose incongruous places to rest themselves. You will also buy him a toilet house, in other words a litter box. Cats care about their privacy and usually prefer fully closed models. He will then need two bowls, one for water and the other for food. Finally, you just have to make or buy something to entertain your cat especially if the latter does not have a playmate and he does not have the opportunity to work outdoors. Finally, do not forget to buy him a scratching post to preserve your furniture and your coatings.

Secure the perimeter

The cat is an animal of curious nature always ready to venture into new experiences sometimes proving dangerous. As a result, it is preferable to secure the environment in which he lives; starting with the windows on which the little cats love to play the tightrope walkers. Also you will find in the trade of nets with cats, to fix on the edges of the balconies or terraces. Note that a solid mosquito net is just as effective and much less expensive. Be careful also to plants, because some species such as datura, iris or cyclamen are toxic, or even deadly for cats, and must be placed out of their reach just like household products. Finally if you have a garden with direct access to the road, it is strongly recommended to close it completely so that the cat does not leave.

An installation adapted to your cat

Create a cat interior: your

Cats are relatively uncomfortable with the change, so you have to install it with the utmost care in your new home while respecting a few simple rules, but effective to simplify the task. Before his arrival, you will install his bedding in a small room, if possible in a corner or nook, away from prying eyes. Then you will choose the place of its bowls; avoiding to put them next to the litter box. Then you will arrange a separate play area in which he can run, jump, play and have fun without breaking your valuables and a place to rest where he can retire to sleep without being disturbed.

To welcome your cat without making a mistake, here are some tips from Miss Assens, animal behaviorist:

To promote the adaptation of the cat to its new environment, you can spray pheromones, sprayed by veterinarians and some pet stores, about 30 cm in height, on all angles of the rooms or on objects. The goal is to create a path where the animal will feel at ease with this particular smell. This product also exists in electric diffuser. If you have a balcony or a window railing and live high up, I recommend securing your windows with reinforced metal nets to prevent falls. This is a common cause of death: the cat hunter instinct causes them to take risks when passing a bird. As for toys, if you want them to continue to find them attractive the best is to hide them from time to time. When they reappear, they will be "new" to them. Vary their distractions every day, a simple cardboard reversed will for example stimulate their curiosity. Finally, in apartment think to watch his claws, there are claw cuts, or failing a nail-cutter, to use on the white tip and sharp claws of the adult cat (never pink), so it does not end by hurting the pads.

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