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Make a dog kennel

By building a niche for your dog, you will offer him a nice and tailor-made shelter at a lower cost.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A jigsaw.
A hammer.
One meter.
A wooden pencil.
A rule.
Cleats of the same length as the walls.
Wood panels (plywood or other).
Shingle bituminous shingles.

Step 1: Determine the dimensions of the niche.

To determine the size of the doghouse, plan at least one and a half times the size of the dog at the withers in all three dimensions.
Be careful not to make too big a niche so that your companion does not suffer from the cold.

Step 2: Make the frame the niche.

Assemble the cleats that will form the framework of the niche by nailing them while following the indications of the diagram.
Once the structure is up, push the nail heads well into the wood so that your dog does not get hurt with it.

Make a dog kennel: doghouse

Step 3: Cut the door.

Draw a round or square door on the front panel, centering it well.
Then cut open with a jigsaw.
If necessary, file the edges of the door with a wood rasp.

Step 4: Assemble the panels.

Nail the panels directly to the frame.
Push the nail heads into the wood.

Step 5: Make the roof

To protect roof panels, it is best to install asphalt shingles.

Step 6: the finishes.

Finally remains to paint, varnish or stain the niche according to your taste.

Video Instruction: How to build a dog house with recycled pallets