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Thank you for your site. I would like to put a sliding gate in front of my property but the cost is too high for my wallet. I have the idea to do it myself by making the solid metal frame and insert composite blades. This one should be 4m long and 1.40m high (in 2 or 3 planes with vertical reinforcement in aluminum too.) In summary I thought I used the posts and the planks as for a garden fence and fixed the whole thing on a u-shaped lintal of a piece that would fit all over the length...) Do you think it is possible and solid What kind of pillar should I do: concrete, brick or aluminum?

At the description of the project, it seems simpler, while remaining in a concept of economy, to buy a classic gate with two leaves, to turn it into a sliding gate. The idea of ​​the U-shaped lintel remains valid in this configuration. Realizing the concrete or brick columns will optimize the stability of the supporting structure.

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