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Make a wooden frame

Economical and practical, the homemade wood frames allow you to keep your photos and other images in custom frames.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A long wooden stick, with or without moldings (choose the size of the stick according to the dimensions of the desired frame)
A wood saw (and incidentally a tab box)
One meter
Fine sandpaper
A wall stapler

Step 1: Prepare the frame amounts

If you have a box tab, it is better to use it for cutting the amounts
Start by sawing the two lengths of the frame. Make sure the cutout is straight and that the studs are exactly the same size.
Then move to the width of the frame. To choose their size according to the desired size for your frame, it will be necessary to take into account the width of the piece of wood. for a frame 28 cm wide with 4 cm thick rods, the width should be 20 cm.
Then trim off the frame posts with fine-grit sandpaper

Step 2: Assemble the frame amounts

Make a wooden frame: make

For the sake of aesthetics, the agraphs will be placed at the back of the frame.
Solidarize the four parts of your frame using two or three staples per assembly.

Step 3: the finishes

Once the frame is assembled, you are free to choose the finish of your choice: varnish, paint, stain...

Video Instruction: Making a picture frame (make molding on the table saw)