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Make a wooden table yourself? Nothing easier!

First, get some planks or basta salvaged wood. You can find some on the building sites or flea markets. Choose the length you want, with a thickness between 35 and 50 mm. If your boards are a little damaged, it does not matter. Just make sure they are not split. Remove all nails and other foreign objects. Sand with sandpaper and dust off the wood before mounting. Once your wooden planks are cut to the correct size, assemble them, either by trunnions (see the wood assembly video), or by plank. Glue and dry. When the tray of your future table is dry, sand it again, then apply the desired treatment (varnish, hard oil, wax,...).

Finally, you just have to fix the feet to the board. To choose the feet of your table, go to a kit furniture dealer who will advise you to find the best model. Chrome or wood, aluminum or painted, you choose according to your tastes.

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