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There is a multitude of mortise and tenon joints, each with its own strength and aesthetics. You choose, according to your skill!

A protruding part at the end of a piece of wood, an ordinary post is delimited by two symmetrical arches.
Additional leveling can improve the rigidity and tightness of the whole.
Generally, the thickness of a post is equal to one third of that of the piece of wood. It is advisable to make the mortise first and then adapt the post accordingly. It is indeed easier to grind a post, and it is always possible to add a small wooden wedge.
But beware ! Making a mortise entirely by hand requires some experience.

The advantages of a mortiser

Use a mortiser

Well calibrated, stabilized with adjustable shims on the piece of wood to be machined, with a depth of cut adjusted according to it, the mortiser allows to shape the wood effortlessly, and at the right odds.
This machine saves precious time, even if the chisel remains useful for finishing.

Mark on the wood the parts to be removed at the mortiser

Using a square or a truscan for the parallels, draw in pencil the parts to remove on the wooden pieces of the post, and to keep for the mortise.

Drilling mortises in the wood

Drill the mortise to the middle of the board with a drill diameter slightly smaller than its width.
Make several holes if necessary.

Slash of mortise with a mortise

Use a fine chisel, the shape and width of which are well adapted to this kind of work, or a sharp wood chisel to cut the mortise.

To dig in the wood a mortise with the chisel

Continue the operation by removing the waste and removing the dust as you go.
Clean the edges of the mortise so that they are straight.

Saw the cheeks of the tenon

On the other piece of wood, saw the peg cheeks starting along each shoulder, before detaching the waste by sawing the short side.

Finishing the decanting of a tenon

Cut the other side of the post after securing the workpiece in a vice.
Rectify if necessary using a chisel or a wood file.

Assemble and glue tenon and mortise

Glue the assembly and put it in press.

A special woodworking workbench

Having a workbench specially designed for woodworking and pierced with holes makes it easy.

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