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It is not always necessary to employ a rental management company to properly manage its leased property. Own management, managing alone its property for rent, is a more economical solution, feasible provided you follow its rules.

Own management: tenant's choice and rental agreement

1. Set the rental amount according to the price of the walk

Before even looking for a tenant (announcements, visits), it is important to set the price of rent according to those practiced around for an equivalent property.

To note: rental investments that have benefited from a tax exemption program will have to respect a fixed tariff ceiling.

2. Choose your tenant

In order to guard against the risk of non-payment, it will be possible:

  • to consult the candidate's income;
  • to ask for a joint and several guarantee;
  • to take out specific insurance;
  • to claim a deposit, an amount equal to 1 month's rent.

3. Establish the lease

This administrative document must be signed by both parties and be accompanied by a statement of entry (detailing precisely the state in which the property is at the entrance of the tenant in the premises).

4. Declare your tenant to the tax office

Manage your own rental property on a daily basis

The day-to-day management of a rental property requires time, even when housing is occupied.
The regular tasks related to the own management of a property for rent:

Financial ManagementMaintenance managementFollow up of legislation
- Manage rents (reminder and collection),
- Establish and transmit rent receipts to the tenant,
- regulate the charges of co-ownership (if there are any),
- regulate insurance,
- Manage any outstanding payments.
- Periodically maintain the housing,
- Manage any repair and maintenance work,
- Manage any claims.
- Follow the latest legislation governing the rights and obligations of rental management.

To note: there are many computer software to facilitate autonomous management his real estate rented.
Other alternative: Online rental management is today an intermediate solution, developed in the form of self-management assistance.

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